Token Spooky Swap Liquidity Info
  • Pair: 0xa7010b3ba9efb1 ...
  • Total Liquidity Value (WFTM): 412491.294310 WFTM
  • Buy Tax: 0.0%
  • Sell Tax: 0.0%
  • Buy Gas: 132773
  • Sell Gas: 97262
  • Honeypot: NO
Token Spooky Swap Liquidity Info
  • Pair: 0x7d4cddab6774ff ...
  • Total Liquidity Value (USDC): 1620.983492 USDC
  • Buy Tax: 0.0%
  • Sell Tax: 0.0%
  • Buy Gas: 113881
  • Sell Gas: 80505
  • Honeypot: NO
Token Sushi Swap Liquidity Info
  • Pair: 0xa52af790022aa6 ...
  • Total Liquidity Value (WFTM): 1.910637 WFTM
  • Buy Tax: 0.0%
  • Sell Tax: 0.0%
  • Buy Gas: 133785
  • Sell Gas: 98118
  • Honeypot: NO
Wootrade Network/ WFTM
Token Address: 0x6626c47c00F1D87902fc13EECfaC3ed06D5E8D8a
  • Buy Tax: 0.0 %
  • Sell Tax: 0.0 %
  • Buy Gas: 132773
  • Sell Gas: 97262
[Message]: Honeypot tests passed. Simulator program was able to buy and sell it successfully. This however does not guarantee that it is not a honeypot.
[Honeypot Status]: Not Honeypot
If the owner wallet contains greater than 5% of token supply it could have a large impact on the token price if sold. If the contract source code was not verified it cannot be analyzed for vulnerabilities. If there is no enough liquidity it could potentially cause high slippage and other problems when swapping. Renouncing ownership means token creator cannot call owner only functions (eg there might be a function which lets the owner mint new tokens or make trades disable). However owner can remove liquidity if it not locked! If the token contract has the trading cooldown function, within a certain time or block after buying, the user will not be able to sell the token. Our system is able to jump in time to sell the token again.
Current Owner Address
Current Owner Holding Percentage 0.00%
Ownership Renounced NO

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