Token Spooky Swap Liquidity Info
  • Pair: 0xa7010b3ba9efb1 ...
  • Total Liquidity Value (WFTM): 127413.096481 WFTM
  • Buy Tax: 0.0%
  • Sell Tax: 0.0%
  • Buy Gas: 132773
  • Sell Gas: 97262
  • Honeypot: NO
Token Spooky Swap Liquidity Info
  • Pair: 0x7d4cddab6774ff ...
  • Total Liquidity Value (USDC): 4793.825384 USDC
  • Buy Tax: 0.0%
  • Sell Tax: 0.0%
  • Buy Gas: 186181
  • Sell Gas: 119313
  • Honeypot: NO
Token Sushi Swap Liquidity Info
  • Pair: 0xa52af790022aa6 ...
  • Total Liquidity Value (WFTM): 4.371444 WFTM
  • Buy Tax: 0.0%
  • Sell Tax: 0.0%
  • Buy Gas: 133785
  • Sell Gas: 98118
  • Honeypot: NO
Wootrade Network/ WFTM
Token Address: 0x6626c47c00F1D87902fc13EECfaC3ed06D5E8D8a
  • Buy Tax: 0.0 %
  • Sell Tax: 0.0 %
  • Buy Gas: 132773
  • Sell Gas: 97262
[Message]: Simulator program was able to buy and sell it successfully.
[Honeypot Status]: Not Honeypot
*If the contract source code was not verified it cannot be analyzed for vulnerabilities.
*If blacklist function exist some addresses may not be able to trade normally.
*If self destruct function exist and is triggered, the contract will be destroyed.
*External calls would cause this token contract to be highly dependent on other contracts, which may be a potential risk.
*If a suspendable code is included, the token maybe neither be bought nor sold (honeypot risk).
*If there is no enough liquidity it could potentially cause high slippage and other problems when swapping.
*Renouncing ownership means token creator cannot call owner only functions (eg there might be a function which lets the owner mint new tokens or make trades disable). However owner can remove liquidity if it not locked!
*If the token contract has the trading cooldown function, within a certain time or block after buying, the user will not be able to sell the token. Our system is able to jump in time to sell the token again.
*Other things you shuold check are the holders. It does not matter if liquidity is locked or burned, if the devs hold a huge amount of tokens, they can dump them and drain liquidity that way.
Current Owner Address
Current Owner Holding Percentage 0.00%
Ownership Renounced NO (Honeypot Risk)

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